FAQ about Unlimited Freeship program

Unlimited Freeship program will expire on November 15, 2023. In order to promote customers’ shopping decisions, Sellers can proactively create Shipping discount based on the product and order value.

1. How is the Unlimited Freeship program different from the Freeship+ program?


Unlimited Freeship


Time of application

Valid from March 1, 2023

Closed from March 1, 2023

Unlimited Freeship fee

  • 2-3% of each order’s value, depending on different operation models.

  • Minimum 2.500 VND, maximum 20.000 VND/order

  • 5% of order value

  • Maximum 15.000 VND/order

Customer benefits

  • Freeship 15.000 VND for orders from 149.000 VND

  • Freeship 30.000 VND for orders from 299.000 VND

  • Customers only need to place order(s) that reach the minimum total order value as above will be freeship (regardless of the seller).

  • Freeship 10.000 VND for orders from 149.000 VND

  • Freeship 20.000 VND for orders from 299.000 VND

  • Customers must place orders that reach the minimum total order value of each seller according to the above conditions to receive freeship.

Joining form

  • Default fee for all sellers

  • Fee only charged to seller who registered

2. I’m using Freeship+, how do I convert to Unlimited Freeship?

Freeship+ program will be closed from March 1, 2023. All sellers, who are using or not using Freeship+ will all be automatically registrants of the Unlimited Freeship program from March 1, 2023.

3. I have not used Freeship+ before, but now I want to join the Unlimited Freeship program. What should I do?

All sellers on Tiki Marketplace with activated store and have Enable store status on Seller Center system will be automatically registrants to the program from March 1, 2023.

4. Can I choose which products will participate in the Unlimited Freeship program?

Currently, the Unlimited Freeship program is being applied by default on all products and stores of each seller.

5. Can I opt out of the Unlimited Freeship program?

At the moment, sellers cannot cancel the participation in the Unlimited Freeship program. Tiki understands and sympathizes with the difficulties that sellers face when they are not yet ready to join the Unlimited Freeship program. However, Tiki hopes to accompany sellers in creating a shopping experience with no shipping fee in order to improve sales efficiency.

6. Can sellers choose which shipping method will activate unlimited freeship for customers?

The default program applies to all shipping methods, including Standard Delivery (TikiFAST), Two-Hour Delivery (TikiNOW), Scheduled delivery & Installation (TikiPRO).

7. In addition to joining the  Unlimited Freeship program, can I manually set up additional shipping discounts for my customers?

Sellers can still set up shipping discounts for customers on the Shipping Discount tool on Seller Center. Please note that the order of applying freeship to customers will be: Store-wide shipping discount program installed by sellers >> Shipping discount program on specific product(s) installed by the seller >>  Unlimited Freeship program >> Tiki’s shipping discount program or code.

8. If the customer only buys 100.000 VND of my product (not the minimum to get freeship) but the customer places this order together with many other seller’s products, will he/she get freeship for my product or not?

Customers only need to reach the minimum total cart value to be eligible for freeship regardless of whether they are buying from one or more sellers. Unlimited Freeship fee will be charged to all sellers whose products are in the customer’s cart.

9. Where can I track the program fee?

The fee to join the  Unlimited Freeship program will be displayed right on each order on Seller Center, and also shown in the periodic statement sent by Tiki to the seller.

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