1. How is Freeship+ different from other freeship programs? 

Freeship+ is a cooperation program between Tiki and Sellers. The Seller partially sponsored the shipping fee (equivalent to 5% of the order value, up to 15,000 VND), Tiki will support the rest. This does not only help Sellers reduce financial pressure but also attract more customers with the freeship advantage.

Unlike other shipping discount programs set by Sellers, when participating in Freeship+ program, Seller’s products will be installed with Freeship+ card, appearing in product filters, helping to increase the reach on the website and the Tiki app.

With attractive offers from Tiki, Sellers should participate in the program to bring their stores/products closer to customers.

2. Who can register for the Freeship+ Package?

All registered Sellers at Tiki Marketplace with “Enabled” status on the Seller Center system.

3. How to know if the Freeship+ Package is successfully installed and when will it come into effect?

After the Seller completes the registration, the screen will display as shown below and notify the activating timeline of the program:

  • For Sellers registered before June 18, 2021: the program will be activated on June 18, 2021.
  • For Sellers registered from June 18, 2021 onwards: the program will be activated within 24 hours.

After successfully registering, the Sellers will see the banner with the announcement as shown below when clicking back to the “Shipping discount” section. 


Note: In case when the time mentioned above has already passed but the program is still not on activated mode, Sellers then please reach PSC for Tiki to notice and work with the technical department.

After the program is successfully activated, the Seller will see the following information and can click “See detail” to view the program’s information in the most specific way.

4. Is the Freeship+ program being charged by order or by product?

Currently, the Freeship+ program is being applied per order per store. This is also the difference between Tiki and other e-commerce platforms in the market.

5. How to pay Tiki fees related to Freeship+ Package? Can Sellers see expenditures for this package on the statement?

The value of the fee related to the Freeship+ Package will be displayed in the seller’s statement, located under <Tiki’s fee> , (as shown below), and will be charged according to the statement period as usual.

6. How will the current ACTIVATED discount codes of the Sellers be when applying Freeship+?

For Sellers to manage the shipping discounts more easily, when sellers registered to participate in the Freeship+ program at Tiki and are on activated mode, the system will automatically ABANDON ALL available shipping discounts offered by Sellers earlier, EXCEPT:

  • Shipping discounts apply to all products (storewide) using TikiNOW 2H.
  • 100% shipping discounts apply to certain products.

After joining the Freeship+ program, Sellers can still install their own shipping discounts on the Seller Center.

7. If the Seller IS PARTICIPATING in Freeship+ Program, can other shipping discounts be set up for the store?

Yes. If the Seller finds that the Freeship+ program is not enough to support all the customers, the Seller can manually install a discount on shipping on the Seller Center. Installation: here.

However, in order to ensure that the system operate smoothly and to limit the risk when there are many shipping discounts running at the same time, within 1 month from the launch of the Freeship+ program (June 18, 2021), If the Seller participates in Freeship+ program, the Seller is only allowed to create the following additional shipping discounts:

  • Shipping discount applies to the whole store with TikiNOW 2H.
  • Reduce shipping rates for certain products.

Shipping discount methods are allowed to be installed according to Tiki’s regulations from time to time.

8. When will the Freeship+ Package expire?

The program will be opened for Sellers to register from June 3, 2021 and takes effect from June 18, 2021 or within 24 hours from the time the Seller registers to participate in the program after June 18, 2021.

The program is valid until Tiki officially announces the ending date of the program or within 24 hours from the time when the Seller successfully clicks “Unsubscribe” to the program, whichever comes first.

9. If the Customer buys from Seller A, Seller B and Tiki Trading at the same time, how is the Freeship+ discount calculated?

The minimum amount for Customers to apply Freeship+ will be counted based on each Seller. For example, an order that includes products from Seller A 149,000 VND and Seller B 100,000 VND, will receive only a maximum reduction of 10,000 VND on the shipping fee of Seller A, and Seller B will still charge the shipping fee as usual.

10. Assuming in an order, if the Customer applies both the Freeship+ and Tiki Now packages, which package will be counted?

Example: In the case when the customer buys a Tiki Now package for 1 year, purchases a product that had been applied Freeship+ program by the Seller, which one will be counted as a discount for that order?

Answer: The order of applying discount packages: Freeship+ » Seller’s highest offer » Tiki’s highest offer (TikiNow with Coupon).

11. Can the Seller ask Tiki to help registering for the Freeship+ package?

Freeship+ program is one of the new, attractive and rewarding programs for customers and partners. Since the characteristics of the program relate to the Seller’s financial status, unfortunately, Tiki does not support this one. However, registration is very simple, just within 24 hours after successful registration, there will be a confirmation made by the Seller Center system, Sellers are encouraged to take a moment to look through the content of the program for registration here.

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