Guidelines on using Product Review Campaign tool

Products with a greater number of reviews and comments will have a higher impression and conversion rate than those with few or no reviews. As product reviews have a particular impact and relevance, Tiki developed the Product Review Campaign tool to help Sellers increase the credibility of their products, therefore boosting business efficiency on Tiki.

Product Review Campaigns tool highlights:

  • Assist in increasing the quantity of product reviews

  • Increase consumer attraction, product impressions, and purchase conversions.

  • Increase the product’s average review score 

  • Increase the Seller’s business efficiency

  • When consumers have an unpleasant experience, take care of them by providing them coupons.

1. Sellers establish a campaign to encourage consumers to write product evaluations using the Product Review Campaign tool in the Seller Center system.

2. When the campaign is active, any customers who have purchased the Seller’s goods but have not yet written a review will be invited to do so through the Tiki application and website, with information about the coupon code offered to encourage customers.

3. After the customer submits a successful review, the system will immediately deliver the coupon to the customer’s account going along with a notification; by clicking on the notification, the consumer will be taken to the coupon page.

4. On the campaign list, the Seller may immediately track the total quantity of coupons and the number of coupons issued to consumers.


  • If the customer has purchased the product but has not yet written a review, the coupon code will be presented in the review cards when the Seller activates the campaign.

  • To guarantee neutrality, the campaign will not differentiate between the amount of stars in the review; instead, all positive evaluations will receive a coupon. When the review is successfully submitted and accepted, the system will send a coupon to the Mã Khuyến Mãi (Discount code) area and notify the consumer.

  • The following conditions must be met by the assessment:

    • A minimum of 25 words in length

    • Include at least one picture.

    • Content that is meaningful, relevant, and descriptive of the product that the consumer has purchased

Account’s personal page

Application Homepage

Coupons will be displayed in the “Mã KM” (Discount codes) section.

Step 1: Step 1: Go to Seller Center, choose Marketing center > select Promotion tools > Product review campaign (1). The system will navigate to the Danh sách chiến dịch seller (Campaign list), please select Tạo chiến dịch (Create campaign).

*Please keep in mind that this tool is available to both local and cross-border sellers; however, cross-border sellers may utilize Google Translate while using it because an English version is not currently available.



Step 2: Insert campaign information and a discount code, and then click Chạy chiến dịch (Run campaign).

Step 3: After clicking Chạy chiến dịch (Run campaign), your campaign will be automatically set as Bật (Enabled).

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