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Tiki provides a new tool called New product idea to display customers’ search patterns and a list of best-selling items in the same sector as products that you are selling in order for Sellers to have more information to identify potential products for business.

This feature is divided into two parts:

  • Tiki search insights

  • Hot-selling products

Let’s explore the latest search insights and trends with the list of trending keywords curated & personalized for your store! This might give you some insight on how customers are searching for you.

Please follow these steps to get access to the tool:

Step 1: Go to Seller Center, then select Product > New product idea > Tiki search insights

Step 2: To find similar keywords, please select the category in which the Seller is or will conduct business.

Step 3: When you obtain a suitable keyword, please click Save and may examine these keywords in the Saved tab.

Each seller will use the keyword list in different ways to generate ideas for suitable business products. Tiki offers the following suggestions:

1. Concentrate on keywords associated with niche products (products belonging to a specialized segment for a particular customer group).

For example:

  • “Minimalist desktop bookshelf” (for minimalist customers)

  • “Calligraphy pen” (for customers who want to practice calligraphy)

  • “Scandinavian/Bauhaus style furniture” (for consumers who are passionate about, adore the artform, Scandinavian/Bauhaus style).

2. Concentrate on product-related keywords that have yet to be satisfied by the market in terms of quantity and/or quality.

3. Concentrate on keywords linked to items that are in high demand in the market, which may be supplemented by running Tiki Ads for products that use this keyword to optimize advertising campaigns. Learn more about Tiki Ads here.

This is a list of hot-selling products which are similar to the products you are selling. Please follow the steps below to use this feature:

Step 1: Go to the Seller Center and select Product > New product idea > Hot-selling products.

Step 2: In the All products section, you can refer to how to optimize product information such as names, pictures, and descriptions of best-selling products for existing or products you plan to sell in the future. 

Step 3: When a suitable product is found, please select Save and it may be examined in the Saved tab.

Step 4: If a supply of these best-selling items can be found, please select Copy to upload the product. The system will navigate to the List available product page, where you can edit the details before submitting the product for approval.

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