Intro to Unlimited Freeship program

Tiki introduces a co-sponsorship program called Unlimited Freeship, with the goal of providing customers with an easy and convenient shopping experience. Tiki hopes to accompany all sellers through the program in order to contribute to creating a shopping experience with the most favorable shipping fees for customers, thereby assisting sellers in improving business efficiency and reaching out to a broader customer segmentation. 

Unlimited Freeship is a co-sponsorship program with attractive shipping packages for all customers shopping on Tiki Marketplace, applied by default on all products and stores from March 1, 2023.

With the Unlimited Freeship program, customers will enjoy preferential shipping fees as follows:

  • Freeship up to 15.000 VND for orders from 149.000 VND.

  • Freeship up to 30.000 VND for orders from 299.000 VND.


  • The program applies to all forms of delivery, including: TikiNOW, TikiFAST, TikiPRO.

  • The freeship rate is applied automatically as soon as the customer’s order meets the value requirements.

  • The order value as the basis for determining the freeship rate is calculated on the total value of the customer’s cart, regardless of the seller.

  • Customers are not limited in the number of uses, the number of products and stores that are eligible for freeship.

Participating in the program, you will pay the co-sponsorship cost on each product successfully delivered to the customer at the following rates:

Operating model


(VAT included)

Sponsorship limit

(VAT included)

FBT – Fulfillment by Tiki

2% of product value

Minimum 2.500 VND, maximum 15.000 VND/product

Other operating models

3% of product value

Minimum 3.000 VND, maximum 20.000 VND/product


  • The product value used as the basis for charging is the selling price of each product in the order after applying the seller’s promotions (excluding the coupons created by the seller).

  • The shipping sponsorship fee does not apply to selling services, E-vouchers, financial products – insurance, bill payment, products received at the store.

For example: In order for customers to get free shipping of 30.000 VND, you will be charged the joining fee as follows:

Product price

Shipping fee

Fee that a seller has to pay so that customers get freeship (*)

300.000 VND

30.000 VND

9.000 VND (save 70%)

500.000 VND

30.000 VND

15.000 VND (save 50%)

1.000.000 VND

30.000 VND

20.000 VND (save 33%)

(*) The savings compare to the case where the seller self-supports 100% of the shipping fee for the customer.

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