Business performance evaluating

Growth Center


Growth Center is a portal that has store performance statistics that help sellers to understand their store better.

Sellers can view a chart of performance metrics to identify top-performing products or vice versa, then figure out how to increase sales and more.The Key Metrics section gives sellers detailed information about figures and data trends such as revenue, number of orders, and pageviews.The indicators section gives an overview of the store’s sales performance.

Step 1: Log into Seller Center, select Growth Center

Step 2: Select the Content you want to see among 4 contents in the Growth Center at the middle of the page.

Using Growth Center, it will enable you to:

  • Provides comprehensive indicators with definitions and implications

  • Help you understand the business situation and have an appropriate development strategy

  • Help you understand operational situation to improve and provide the best service to customers

1. Business Performance: includes the following indicators:

  • Pageviews number

  • Revenue

  • Number of orders

  • Number of SKUs sold

  • Number of orders canceled

  • Top products by sales

  • Top 10 Cities / Provinces / Regions with the highest sales

2. Traffic Insight metrics help Sellers measure views and conversion rates based on Total orders/Total pageviews.

3. Product Insight:  provide the essential data (Number of SKUs sold, Units sold, List of products sold, List of products with low inventory …) for the entire store as well as each product.

The data will help sellers:

  • Understand the general trends in product sales performance: Understanding the general trend of product sales performance can help Sellers plan better in advance (time to import goods, the best time to run ads for products …)

  •  Know store strength and weakness: Identify specific areas or products where the store is performing well and parts that need improvement.

  •  Improving sales performance: Identify and deal with figures or products that have not met the store’s goals or are on the trend of reduced sales performance.

4. Promotion Insight screen is including the main indicators: 

  • Coupon use

  • Total Buyers

  • Sold SKUs

  • Revenue 

5. Operational Performance screen is including the main indicators:

  • Exchange – Return rate

  • Late confirmation rate

  • Late shipping rate

  • Late warehousing rate

  • Cancellation rate

Following these indicators will help the Seller to be more active when operating on Tiki and ensure to minimize the possibility of off-store products due to policy violations.


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