Fulfilling orders

1. Confirm Order

Step 1: Go to the Seller Center > Order > Forwarding orders

Step 2: To confirm the order, go to the Awaiting Confirmation tab, where you will see all the orders that are awaiting confirmation.

Please keep in mind that you can either confirm each order separately or multiple orders at once.

1.1 Single order confirmation

Click the arrow to the left of the order code to view the order detail information. At this point, the system will automatically set all products as In stock, but please double-check your stock and select the correct status before clicking Confirm.

1.2 Mass order confirmation

Please first check the box to the left to select all orders. Then click Confirm all.

After successfully confirming the order, the system will display the notice shown below. Please print the shipping label and attach it to the outside of the package.

2. Pack Order

a) Print Label via Seller Center

b) API Label information

Print and stamp it outside the package


Suggested packing solution


3. Ship Order

  • Make sure your order will be delivered to 3PL warehouse in Shenzhen within 3 business days after receiving order notification via email or Seller Center.

  • Before delivering to 3PL warehouse, please fill information in Delivery Records, email to 3PL and cc Tiki PIC with title “Seller name – Tiki – Date – Your tracking code/package code (if any)”

  • When delivering, bring along 2 hard copies of Delivery Records, get them signed from both sides to make sure that 3PL well-received your package (just in case there’s some missing parcels, we still have records to track)

  • All parcels must be put into a package, 3PL will receive the whole package, they will check and feedback to Tiki if there’s anything wrong with parcels (lacking/missing/broken…) within 1 working days, and Tiki will feedback to Seller within next working day.

4. Notes

In order to automate the order operating management as well as ensure customer experience when shopping at Tiki, please keep in mind the automatic cancellation rule as follows:

  • Automatic cancellation if goods are out of stock or the seller rejects to ship out;

  • Automatic cancellation if it was over 24 hours since the deadline for confirmation (excluding Saturday, Sunday, holidays) and the seller has not confirmed the order yet;

  • Automatic cancellation if before the promised delivery date 1 day, orders are still at Awaiting confirmation status.

In case you need any further information, please contact via email: parnersupport@tiki.vn or hotrodoitac@tiki.vn for support.

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