Tiki Feed, Tiki Studio introduction

1. Tiki Studio

A content creation platform for audiences who want to promote their products through Tiki’s social media platform.

Benefits of using Tiki Studio:

  • Post, edit, and manage contents about products/stores you own or represent

  • Engage and understand the true needs of your target audience

  • Promote effective products through Tiki’s available campaigns

2. Tiki Feed

An app/web post display tool for customers, a place for users to review products, share information and feedback in the most engaging way. Users can easily watch and follow the products that they are interested in.

Three types of Tiki Feed: 

  • Explore

  • Follow

  • Campaign

Benefits of using Tiki Feed:

  • Minimize marketing costs

  • Provide Tiki Studio tool

  • Collect and leverage data and analytics to meet customer needs through “Statistic report” (will be updated soon)

  • Easy to purchase Tiki Products in “Feed”

  • Engage in interaction activities with customers (like, share, comment)

  • Be able to join Tiki’s campaigns


  • Creator: Be a seller, brand, or influencer. These audiences will create content on Tiki Studio and post to display on Tiki’s content channels

  • Consumer: is the target audience of Creator. They can view all contents created from Studio


  • Post: contents about the products being sold at Tiki, created on Tiki Studio.

  • Materials: Photos, videos, products and related edits (product links) help customers better understand what’s being promoted

  • Content Channel: As a batch-generated channel, responding to major promotions/campaigns of Tiki. 

  • Studio supports account types:  

    • Brand

    • Store

    • Public Figure

  • There are 2 ways to access to Tiki Studio: 

    • Directly via website link to Tiki Studio

    • Seller Center: When you already have a seller account available on Tiki


Step 1: Sign in with Tiki account

Step 2: Select Tiki Studio account type

Depending on the type of account, there will be different ways to sign up Studio

1. Brand:

  • As a brand owner or authorized brand manager

  • Seller have not had store on Tiki

  • Seller need to promote the brand and spread their products to more customers

2. Seller:

  • A locally based store owner selling a variety of items, self-produced or imported

  • Owning a store on Tiki.vn

3. Influencer:

  • Well-known, knowledgeable and influential persons in their field

  • Want to promote products, or collaborate with brands to spread products 

Step 3: Proceed to register an account

1. Brand

  • Or, Brand Representatives can contact Tiki directly for guidance and create an account.Log in Tiki account

  • Fill registration infomation

  • Complete procedure with Tiki: Tiki will assist in creating accounts and decentralizing use on Studio

  • Use Tiki Studio

2. Seller

  • Log in Tiki ID

  • Log in Seller Center


  • Only audiences with in-store Admin roles on Seller Center can open stores on Tiki Studio

  • After admin opens the store, decentralized employees can access Tiki Studio. Currently, Admin decentralizes employees by contacting support from Tiki. In the near future, there will be administrative decentralized function right on the Studio. 

  • Admin selects store/page which wants to manage 

  • Click on Save to open Tiki Studio homepage with selected store

3. Influencer

The system is in development to support this object as soon as possible. 


Step 1: Select material in material library  

Step 2: Upload material

1. Product: 

  • Click on “Thêm sản phẩm”

  • Enter the product link you want to post from Tiki to search

  • Save products in library

2. Image

  • Click on “Thêm hình”

  • Select images from computer to upload

  • Edit images 

  • Save images in library

3. Video 

  • Click on “Thêm video”

  • Select videos from computer to upload

  • Save videos in library


Only post up to 20 materials in once

Limit each material type: 

  • Image: 

    • Format: JPEG, PNJ

    • Has a maximum capacity of 10MB, in a 1:1 frame ratio (square form). Recommended photos of 1000x1000px or greater

  • Video: 

    • Format: MOV, MP4

    • Has a maximum capacity of 300MB, maximum length of 60s

  • Products must be from Tiki website (domain name from tiki.vn)

Step 1: In “Quản lý bài viết” choose “Tạo bài viết”

Step 2: Create a post

Step 2.1: Type description

  • Maximum 5,000 words

  • Website link has not been supported 

Step 2.2: Select material 

  • Material types: media (image, video), product

  • Users can select materials pre-imported from Material Library (details in Quản lý tài nguyên) hoặc post new materials with Add images/Add videos button

  • Only post media or products, can not post 2 types at the same time

  • With media posts: Can tag related products to make it easier for customers to understand products. Details: 

    • With images: There are 2 ways to attach a product by entering a product name or link from Tiki (1) at “Gắn sản phẩm” or (2) clicking 1 point on the image

    • With Video: Operation only is allowed at “Gắn sản phẩm”

    • Note: 

      • Allows up to 10 products to be attached to 1 photo/video

      • Each photo/video along with product links is considered a material. As a result, posts that share materials will be synchronized whenever changes are made. 

  • With product post: Up to 6 products can be added in 1 post. Please select the correct Seller to avoid confusing the link leading to the Seller not under your ownership.

Step 2.3: Select content channel: 

  • Tiki’s pre-created content channel according to each campaign, will show up in 1 tab on Tiki’s Lướt page

  • At different time, there will be different content channels

  • When choosing a content channel and clicking upload, it will take time for Tiki to watch and censor your content. 

Step 2.4: Preview display content:

Is to simulate how posts are displayed and looked at by customers. Thereby, you can adjust the content to appear more as desired. 

Step 2.5: Choose how to post:

  • Upload: 

    • Upload post to Tiki Social Feed (Lướt)

    • If you choose Content Channel, the post will be submitted to Tiki and displayed after successful approval.

    • Related post informations and statistics can be reviewed at Quản lý bài viết

  • Save draft:  

    • Post will be saved in Quản lý bài viết

    • You can edit this draft and upload later

Media post (maximum 20 files/post)

Product post (maximum 6 products/post)


  • Manage all posts that have been created/upload on Studio

  • View the status of each post on Social feed and on Content Channels

  • View statistics related to post engagement

How to use it?

Step 1: Choose “Quản lý bài viết” in Tiki Studio

Step 2: View post content based on information fields corresponding to specific functionality

(1) Filter: Enables post searching based on Material category, post status, and duration of posts created/edited

(2) Content: Summary of the content of the posts. Make it easy to distinguish your posts based on images and descriptions

(3) Status:  There are 2 types:

  • Post status: Help you identify the status of a post that is Draft, Posted Successfully, or Has issues related to moderation.

  • Post status at Content Channel: Help you identify whether your post has been successfully published on Tiki’s content channel

(4) Date: Provide when a post was created or when draft was last saved with the creator’s audience

(5) Statistics: 

  • Like: Total # of likes on post

  • Comment: Total # of comments on post

  • Viewer: Total # of unique viewers on post

  • Reach: Total # of reach on post

  • Click to product: Total # of clicks on Product

(6) Action

  • Copy: Create an exact copy of the post with the materials attached to. Then it’s possible to edit to create a whole new article. 

  • Remove: Remove the post from the management section, and remove it from the social feed. Customers will no longer see your pos

Some content containing keywords that do not conform to Tiki.vn’s policies will have to be moderated before being publicly uploaded on Tiki Feed. 

After you press the Post button on Tiki Studio, you can track the status of your posts at Trạng thái, in Quản lý bài viết:

  • Draft: Posts are in draft status, have not been published

  • Waiting to approve: Posts with content that needs to be moderated

  • Public: The post was displayed on Lướt, does not violate Tiki’s content terms

  • Rejected: Posts are not censored due to violations of Tiki’s content terms.

Censorship time is within 3-7 business days.

1. Why do posts that were already published don’t appear on the feed?

Due to the huge number of posts, the Tiki system can sometimes be overloaded, which may take longer to update new content. Therefore, please kindly wait for a while for the system to process.

If this happens frequently for a long time, leading to the interruption on your site, please contact PSC for support by emailing to: partnersupport@tiki.vn – hotrodoitac@tiki.vn.

2. Can I edit an already published post?

Currently there is no way to edit published posts. However, you can copy the original post, edit it and create a new one.

3. Why does the post which has been published for a while, receive no interactions?

There are several reasons for this issue:

  • The content of the post is not attractive enough. How to fix: improve the content, images, and check the effectiveness after fixing for future development.

  • The post is still in processing mode. How to fix: check for the status of the post at the “Post managing” section.

  • There may be an error occurring in the system that prevented the post from being published successfully, or the post was successfully published but did not reach the customer. How to fix: please kindly wait a while for the system to process.

If this happens frequently for a long time, leading to interruption on your site, please contact PSC for support by emailing to: partnersupport@tiki.vn – hotrodoitac@tiki.vn.

3. Does Tiki Studio provide a scheduling function for the post?

There is currently no provided function to schedule a post prior to publishing, however, this function will be developed in the near future.

4. Can deleted posts be recovered?

Currently, there is no way to recover deleted posts, however, this function will be developed in the near future.

Therefore, before deleting a post, please do a careful check to prevent any unexpected issues.

5. Can posts be viewed without using the Tiki App?

At present, Tiki posts can either be viewed on the Tiki App and the website Tiki.vn.

6. Why can’t some images or videos be uploaded on Tiki Studio? (What is the format for this?)

Tiki has already provided information on how to upload resources on the system. Specifically:

For images:

  • Format: JPEG, PNG

  • Up to 10MB in size, 1:1 ratio (square). Recommended image size: 1000x1000px onwards.

For videos:

  • Format: MOV, MP4

  • Maximum capacity of 300MB with a length of no more than 60s

7. Why does the system direct to another seller after I add a product?

When adding products to Tiki Studio, you need to include the correct link to your product.

Each product may be supplied by more than one seller, please check the Product Distributor to avoid confusion. At the “Selected Seller” section (as shown below), please check and make sure that the Seller information is correct comparing to your information. If it is not correct, please change the desired Seller and press the “Chọn” – Select button.

8. What should I do if I can’t get access to Tiki Studio?

Please check the domain name, it should be: https://studio.tiki.vn/

If it is completely correct but cannot be reached, please contact PSC for support by emailing to: partnersupport@tiki.vn – hotrodoitac@tiki.vn.

9. Where can I check for those who have liked/followed my page?

Presently, there is no way to check for who has liked/followed your page, however, this function will be developed in the near future.

10. Can I choose a different image to present the products that are attached with the photos/videos?

At present, the fist image to be added for illustration of the product will be defaultly counted as the image to present to the product and the image can’t be edited. 

Tiki will conduct surveys on the needs of clients to develop this function as soon as possible.

11. What information do I need to provide when asking for support on my posts?

After reaching PSC for support by emailing to: partnersupport@tiki.vn – hotrodoitac@tiki.vn, please provide the information as below:

  • Information of the person who created the post: name of the Seller/Brand
  • The writer
  • Post publishing time

Or you can inform the Code of the post as attached on the email sent from the system.

12. How can I hide unwanted comments on my posts?

Currently, the system provides the Report Inappropriate Comments function. When there are reports on an inappropriate comment that reach the limit on the times reported indicated by the system, the Operation Department will record and process them based on the terms of the current available regulations for contents.

Along with that, please reach PSC for support by emailing to: partnersupport@tiki.vn – hotrodoitac@tiki.vn, and provide information as below:

  • Information of the person who created the post: name of the Seller/Brand

  • Writer

  • The time the comment was created

After providing such information, the Operation Department will record and process it based on the terms of the current available regulations for contents and will get back to you later. 

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