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Trusted store is a title given to sellers who have asserted excellent business performance as well as compliance with regulations and operating standards on the Tiki e-commerce platform. This title will assist customers in effectively identifying reputable sellers and motivating them to make purchasing decisions. Eligible sellers will have a Trusted store badge (Uy tín) displayed on the store homepage and on each seller product.

All sellers operate on the Tiki e-commerce trading platform, have been operating on Tiki for at least 90 days, and do not violate Tiki’s regulations and policies.

  • Increase credibility since you will gain a Trusted badge under your store name, which will attract more customers as it is a stamp for credibility

  • Increase visibility since your products will gain higher ranking in search results and can be filtered by Trusted store label

  • Receive more opportunities to join specific campaigns (Flash sale, Category deal).

Sellers need to meet the following requirements to be considered for the title of Trusted store:





General product category

High value product category (TV-Laptop, Electronics – Refrigeration)

Review time

Business results

Successful orders

Total number of confirmed orders in the last 3 months. Canceled orders are not counted.



Last 3 months

Unique buyers

Total number of customers.



Service requirement

Chat response rate

Response rate = Chat replies / Chats received. Response rate is only calculated when you receive at least 2 messages in the last 3 months.



Last 3 months

On-time fulfillment rate

Number of orders processed on time / Total number of orders received in the last 3 months.



Cancellation rate by seller

Number of canceled orders (seller’s fault) / Total number of orders received in the past 3 months.



Suspicious fraud activities

The seller’s store is behaving abnormally. Tiki’s fraud management department is in the process of verifying.

No fraud detected

No fraud detected

Product quality

Average product rating

Average of all ratings over the last 3 months.

4.2 ⭐

4.2 ⭐

Last 3 months

Number of ratings

Total number of ratings in the last 3 months.



Suspicious fake products

Products are suspected to be counterfeit/fake goods, used goods, goods of unknown origin or goods infringing intellectual property, etc. and are being appraised by Tiki.

Not achieved

Not achieved

At the time of review

Store requirement

Store lifetime

The store’s lifetime is counted from the time the seller has completed the profile, and has at least 1 product sold for the store to be turned on and displayed on Tiki.

90 days

90 days

90 days


Review period: Once a month, on the first of the month, Tiki will review the data from the previous three months and proceed to label qualified sellers with the Trusted label.


  • If the seller already achieved the title but then violates one of the above conditions, the given title will be removed. 

  • If Tiki detects signs of suspected fraud or violations of Tiki’s standards while the seller has the title of Trusted Store, the title will be temporarily removed during the audit period.

This feature enables sellers to regularly check for the store performance if it meets the requirements for the title of Trusted store; and to maintain the title as well. 


  • Easily check for the requirements 

  • Know the criterias to strive for in order to obtain the title.

  • Identify criteria that need improvement quickly in order to maintain the title.

Go to the Seller Center and select Growth Center > Trusted store. You will see the following data: 

  • Data from the last period and the current period. The data is updated every day.

  • Requirements: Business results (successful orders, unique buyers); Service requirement (chat response rate, on-time fulfillment rate, cancellation rate by seller, suspicious fraud activities; Product quality (average product rating, number of ratings, suspicious fake products); Store requirement (Store lifetime). These statistics are updated on a daily basis.

1. How to know if I am eligible to be considered for the Trusted store title?

Tiki will collect data from business results, service requirement, product quality, and store requirements on the first of each month to finalize the list of sellers who have met the requirements or are not eligible to own the title. Sellers can check the information from the last evaluation period and the current evaluation period by going to Growth Center > Trusted Store.

2. What should I do if the Trusted store tile is removed or not approved?

You must meet the approval criteria in order to become a Trusted store and you must not violate Tiki’s policies in order to retain the title.

If you do not violate any of the standards but still lose or are unable to become a Trusted store, please send an email or for support.

3. How do you maintain the Trusted store title?

Sellers should closely check and modify (if any) the store performance by going to the Seller Center > Growth Center > Trusted store in order to keep the title of Trusted Store. When you receive warnings from the system, you should then improve the performance of the store as soon as possible. 


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