Handle return orders

There are various reasons that lead to customers’ requests for returning orders. For example, the products were broken, scratched, dented, etc during delivery. Correctly processing return orders will help limit mistakes that have an impact on your business performance. This guideline will help you have a clearer understanding of the process of handling these orders.

Step 1: Customer sends a request to return the defective goods to Tiki.

Step 2: Tiki will receive and check Customer’s request information. If it complies with the return goods Policy to Customers, Tiki will create a Return Order) including the complaint reasons and the Customer’s request, and send a notice to Seller email which have been registered on Seller Center.

Step 3: Seller can recall the product via the third party logistics to check the product condition or not, Seller accesses Seller Center, “Order” function, “Warranty return” section and confirm the claim handling
plan for Customer’s request:

  • In case Seller agrees to the Customer’s return request: Tiki will refund Customer.

  • In case Seller does not agree with the Customer’s return request: Seller needs to provide a reason with specific evidence (pictures, clips…) to prove that the fault does not belong to Seller.

In case you need further support, please let us know via email partnersupport@tiki.vn or hotrodoitac@tiki.vn



Return initiated 

Tiki receives and verifies the  return request from the customer. If Customer’s request meets Tiki’s regulation requirement and timelines for Cross Border category, Tiki will create a Return Order ID (include Customer’s request and reason).


Seller Center system will automatically email you to inform you about the customer request and provide all the evidence (images/videos) for you to make a decision.


You have the option of confirming a refund to the consumer or recalling the product to do a return quality check. Finally, please confirm Customer’s request on Seller Center about your decision within the specified time.


Tiki will refund to the customer when:

  • The seller agrees to refund;
  • Or the seller chooses to self-recall the product from the customer to do a return quality check and the result shows that the product was defective by the seller’s faults/technical errors.

After the refund has been done, you can view the refunded orders in this tab.


Tiki refuses the customer’s return request when the return quality check result shows that the product was not defective due to Seller’s faults/technical errors and returns the product to the customer.


After Tiki rejects a return order request, you can view the rejected orders in this tab.

Step 1: Log into the Seller Center > Order > Select Return Order. The Seller can view all return/exchange orders on the feature’s homepage.

Step 2: Choose Return initiated tab to see all C-return tickets.

Step 3: Check the order information and the reason for the return.

Please click on the +” sign to view product information, the reason for the exchange or return, and the handling suggestion requested by the customer.

You can directly click on the Return Order ID to see more information about the steps for exchange/return orders in the History section. Please kindly use translation tools to support you reading the history section!

Step 4: After checking information, please click the Choose resolution to confirm the problem solution.

Step 5: Choose Accept to confirm refund to customer or choose Reject & provide reasons for refusal with pictures, video,…

Then click Submit to complete.


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