Handle return orders

There are various reasons leading to customers’ requests for returning goods, in which the products could be broken, scratched, dented, etc. during delivery. Correctly processing return orders will help limit mistakes that have an impact on your business performance. This guideline will give you a comprehensive understanding of the process of handling these orders.

Please see the below picture for the process of handling return orders. In case of further support, please contact us via email partnersupport@tiki.vn or hotrodoitac@tiki.vn

Guidelines on handling return orders

Status tab


Actions Seller can use




Return/exchange/warranty order are shown

  • See details
  • View Chat/Call history

Need Seller feedback

  • Tiki acknowledges and verifies the return request information. The exchange/return/warranty orders require confirmation from the Seller.
  • Seller retrieves, checks the returned goods, discusses with customer regarding the return/exchange/warranty request, and confirms their agreement/ disagreement or proposes alternative solutions (if not in agreement) within 2 working days.
  • See details
  • View Chat/Call history

Complaints are being processed

The return/exchange/warranty order has been rejected by Seller and is being reviewed, verified proofs, records,… by Tiki to make a final decision regarding the customer’s request.

(02 – 07 working days)

  • Complaint handling
  • See details

Solution finalized

The return/exchange/warranty order has been resolved by either Seller or Tiki, including solution confirmation or has been successfully resolved according to the customer’s request.
  • Refund with goods returning back (Return/Refund request)
  • Create a new order (Exchange request) (Yêu cầu Đổi hàng)
(02 working days)
  • See details
  • View Chat/Call history



The return/exchange/warranty orders were rejected by Seller → Seller ships the returned goods to customers by yourself.

  • See details
  • View Chat/Call history

📍 Step 1: Log in Seller Center > Order > Return/Exchange/Warranty. On this site, Sellers can search return orders by: Return order ID, Original order ID, Customer information, Shipcode recalled or filter by Return status, Customer request, and other filters, … for quick and efficient return check.

Guidelines on handling return orders

📍 Step 2: Check order information and return/exchange reason.

At the Need Seller feedback tab, choose down arrow/Return order ID/See details for more information, return/exchange reason, image/video proof and handling suggestion in Customer Request.

Guidelines on handling return orders

📍 Step 3: Confirm return/exchange request

Step 3.1: For order tagging Need Seller feedback status, choose Review & Feedback to confirm handling solution. Note: Seller should adhere to the timeline provided by the system.

Guidelines on handling return orders

Step 3.2: At the Processing solution of Seller & Tiki column, choose 1 of 2 options:

Option 1: Agree to customer request

Option 2: Complaint / Propose

other solutions

Choose Agree to customer request. The system will proceed with a new return/exchange order for customer. There are 03 agreement options:

  • Agree to refund request
  • Agree to exchange request
  • Agree to warranty request

Choose Confirm the selected solution

Guidelines on handling return orders

If partially or fully disagree to a customer request, choose Complaint / Propose other solutions, then provide a reason for refusal (from the provided list of reasons), explain with additional proof (image/video).


Tiki will review and conclude the final solution. 

Choose Confirm the selected solution

Guidelines on handling return orders

After confirmation, this order will be transferred to the Solution finalized tab. After confirmation, this order will be transferred to the Complaints are being processed tab.

💡 Tips: To save time processing return/exchange requests with a large quantity of products, you can choose Seller’s handling solution (Agree or Complaint / Propose other solutions) > Apply for all. This option is applied for all products in the chosen list (you can change by products), then choose Confirm the selected solution.

📌📌 Note: 

  • You can discuss with customer via Chat when having a return request without product retrieval or after receiving the returned products from the return order with product retrieval via Seller Center. Choose Order > Return warranty > Chat (next to Customer information).

Guidelines on handling return orders

  • In case you want to change another processing solution, choose Complaint / Propose other solutions and note the new one. Tiki will review and conclude the proposed solution.
  • In case you did warranty, please give feedback to Tiki via email.

📍 Step 4: Processing return/exchange requests

Case 1: Tiki AGREES

Case 2: Tiki DISAGREES

Tiki processes return/exchange as customer requests:

  • Cash / Tiki coin refund
  • Create a new order for exchange
  • Seller provides warranty and returns the goods to the customer

Tiki notifies and asks Seller to return goods back to the customer.

* Note: Seller needs to pay any incurred shipping fees.

📍  Step 5: Follow the return/exchange order

Seller clicks on the Return order ID which needs to be checked. Scroll down to Return order history to see more details of return process, refund, delivery, etc.

Guidelines on handling return orders

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