Guidelines on checking statement

The instructions in this section will help you to know more about steps to check for statement, RMA order and also, how the process of payment should be

To check for statement on Seller Center, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Select SettlementStatement > Select Details to check orders which were released into statement

Step 2: Click on Statement to overview Statement included: Purchased transaction, RMA, Adjustment transaction, Compensation.

Step 3: Select Details to check every single order which was released into statement

Sellers can select Export current statement to download list orders which were released into statement to audit Revenue, Fee and Profit. 

Please see the pictures below to see the illustration. 

These are phases in the process of payment:

3.1 Payment schedule
The payment schedule is shown as below:

3.2  Payment interface on Seller Center system
Waiting for payment was shown the payment which will be transferred to Sellers by Statement period on Settlement deadline.
Payment completed was shown the payment which had already been transferred to the Seller. If Seller has any payment issues please kindly help to contact email :

3.3 Key transactions in payment process
Please see the pictures below for illustration and examples.

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