Check fee of orders

Please follow these steps to check the value of fees applied to your orders.

1. Single order check

Step 1: Log in to the Seller Center, navigate to the Order list by selecting Order > Forwarding orders from the menu. 

Step 2: Find the order that you want to check and select See details.

At this point, please click on a product to view in detail the fees that were applied.

2. Mass order check

Step 1: At the Order list, select all the orders that you want to check. Then, select Export orders and choose to export All orders by date or Selected orders

At this point, an Excel file will be downloaded to your device. Please open it and check the value of fees in each separated column.


  • The information about the fee to pay Tiki that appears on the Seller Center before the order is successfully delivered is just an estimate at that time and is only for reference purposes.

  • When an order was successfully delivered, fees that you see on the system is the final amount as the order has been then updated with all applicable fees.

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