How to edit product content

General rules:

  • Products have already been created (MSKU)

  • Products DO NOT have differences in design, packaging, utility or product characteristics

Please see the below images for instructions.

Note: Cases that will be rejected

  • Make completely changes  on models, packages

  • Make changes on information, utilities

  • Brand new products

1. Naming rules

  • Product name and Brand are capitalized first letter

  • Product name should include  highlight features

Note: Product names (branded) for the following categories must have Original or Imported Goods information at the end:

  • Phone – Tablet

  • Electronic 

  • Accessories – Digital Equipment

  • Laptop – IT Equipment

  • Camera

  • Electric Appliances

Another example:

2. Product attributes


  • Content do not contain sensitive information about religion, culture or politics

  • Contents do not contain Seller’s information or be linked to other websites.

  • Contents do not contain price, delivery, exchange, gift, promotion information.

  • Using the correct product’s brand name. If the product does not have a brand name, use “OEM”.

  • Category must be accurate with product category and be in final sub-category.