Review management

Feature “Review Management”

Product evaluation from Customers is extremely important in measuring the reputation of the Seller when doing business on Tiki Marketplace.

Responding to reviews quickly and efficiently contributes to improving the Customer’s shopping experience,  positively impacts the Seller’s business efficiency, and generates more loyal customers.

  • Step 1: Log in Tiki Seller Center

  • Step 2: Click “Product” > Click “Review Management”


Review Filter:

“Reply” Customer’s Review:

1. What should I do if I think a review is inappropriate?

Sellers may report customer reviews if they are insufficient, inaccurate, or contain the following information:

  • Includes personal information.

  • Advertising that is not authorized.

  • This review contains no information regarding the product.

  • This is a vulgar and offensive article


Step 1: At Seller Center, select “Product” > Click “Review Management”

Step 2: Click Report to report inappropriate reviews >> Select the reason you want to report and click Submit.

2. Statuses of a review




It has been vetted by Tiki and is currently displayed on the product detail page.


It has been reported and is currently being moderated by Tiki.


It has been removed from the detail page due to violations of Tiki’s terms and policies.

As a company, Tiki makes sure that both the customers and the sellers are treated fairly. If there is a violation, click “Report” so Tiki can handle it.

3. How long does it take for Tiki to receive and process the “Report” that Sellers send to Tiki?

  • Within 7 (seven) working days following receipt of information and proofs from the Seller that the Customer’s Review is invalid, Tiki will inspect, verify, and notify the Seller of the final result (accept/reject).

  • Tiki’s system will save the seller’s reports. The Seller’s reporting function will be disabled if Tiki repeatedly receives inaccurate reports (more than three times in one month).

  • Sellers must provide sufficient proof within 24 hours if they disagree with the rejection of the Customer Review “Report by Tiki. Mail: or Tiki accepts requests only once for reprocessing complaints.

For more information, please see our policy.

“Listening to your customers and applying those insights

Is the best way to move a business forward”.

  • Reviews with the most recent “review date” will be displayed first. The seller can sort reviews by the star (1 star – 5 star) or by the date of the review.

  • 500 words (including spaces) for customer’s review response.

  • Do not contain sensitive information about religion, culture, politics, etc.

  • Do not use vulgar words, lack of culture…

  • Do not contain links to websites other than Tiki.

  • Do not include price, delivery, exchange, warranty, gift, promotion information in the feedback content.

Types of Reviews

Positive Review

(4-5 stars rating)

Negative review

(1-2 stars rating)

  • Thank them for the kind words and would love to continue providing excellent service/ products.

  • Kindly remind customers to visit the store  to check out other products.

  • Acknowledge the customer’s concerns/problems and response to their negative experience with your products in a polite and professional manner.

  • Apologize and sympathize with their bad experience.

  • Provide your recommended solutions to the problems and thank them for supporting the store to help improve the products’ experience.

When doing business on the Tiki e-commerce platform, sellers should pay attention to avoid performing business frauds, especially to intentionally place orders and review your own products or a competitors’ products. This behavior will affect the customer’s shopping experience and create unfairness for other trustworthy sellers who are complying with the regulations. Therefore, All sellers are expected to adhere to the following policies to be able to do business smoothly and avoid unnecessary violations.

Place orders and review your own products is a fraudulent act in which the seller performs this act to boost sales, increase reliability, attract customers, etc.

  • Advertising without authorization

  • The content of the product review is not true according to the real characteristics of the product or service.

  • The content is offensive and vulgar.

1. You may not attempt to influence or inflate customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews. You may request feedback and reviews from your own customers, your relatives or friends in a neutral manner, but may not place orders and review your own products. In that case Tiki will conclude that sellers have committed fraud. 

2. In order for the seller’s store to be competitive in the market when there are no orders/reviews yet, you may utilize other sales maximizing tools to increase business efficiency on Tiki. Learn more: here

3. Depending on the level of violation of rating fraud, Tiki will have different sanctions including: product lock, warning, etc. Sellers can refer to section 4.6 Table of violations and methods of handling violations for sellers on E-commerce platform (Please use Google translate to support you).

4. If you encounters any inappropriate reviews, including product reviews that are not factual or reviews that contain words that are inconsistent with Tiki policies and regulations; or notice other sellers to place orders and review their own products, please contact our Partner Support Department via email: to report.

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