Tiki Chat

Tiki Chat

Sellers and Customers can exchange information instantly with Tiki Chat, which enables your business to provide better care and support for customers while also boosting sales and building credibility.

Tiki Chat feature will assist Sellers:

  • Quick interaction, support, and product information

  • After-sales activities are easy to implement

  • Boost sales

  • Reducing order returns

What can it do?

  • Send/receive text messages

  • Send/receive pictures

  • Receive/silent/un-silent notifications

  • Turn on/off the Chat feature

  • Block/Unblock contact

  • Make sure you use the proper wording and comply with the local laws and regulations.

  • Customers who have not previously communicated with a store cannot actively be contacted.

  • Sellers can only answer product-related questions from customers. After the seller receives all information such as [order/exchange…], it changes the Channel for Customer Service to be contacted.

  • After answering the customer’s questions, the seller can send incentive programs to customers but must ensure compliance with Tiki’s general policy.

  • If the customer has enough information to prove the seller gave incorrect advice (Product description, Accessories, gifts) attached…), the seller must support exchanges/returns according to the return policy.

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