Seller coupon


  Coupon shown at product page

Advantages of products or orders with coupon:

– Increase the visibility of products.

– Make the product become more attractive.

– Motivate purchasing decisions.

STEP 1: Log in Seller Center, Choose “Promotions” -> Choose “Coupons” -> Choose “Create New”.


STEP 2: Setting details of Coupon


STEP 2.1: Setting “INFORMATION” of Coupon



1. Coupon Name

  • Seller set name of Coupon. This name is not shown to customers.  Note: Should set the name that is easy to manage.

2. Coupon Code:

  • Code should be short, clear and easy to remember.

3. Discount Type: 2 options.

  • Fixed Amount: discount by amount.   Note: Minimum value: 5,000đ; Maximum value: 30,000,000đ .
  • Percentage: discount by percentage of product price.  Note: Minimum value: 2% ; Maximum value: 99%

In terms of Percentage Type, you have 2 options:

  • Unlimited.
  • Limit to a specific max discount.

4. Public Coupon: 2 status

  • Choose “On”: Coupon is shown at product page. 
  • Choose Off”:Coupon is not shown at product page.


STEP 2.2: Setting “CONDITIONS” of Coupon


1. Applicable Product: 2 options

  • Store level: Setting Coupon for all products in store.
  • Specific products: Setting Coupon for selected products.

2. Minimum Requirement: 2 options

  • None: applies to all order values.
  • Minimum order value: Assign minimum order value to apply Coupon.

3. Customer Segment: 2 options

  • Apply to all customers.
  • Apply to Tiki Now subscribers.

4. Total number of Coupon: 2 options

  • Unlimited: Unlimited number of Coupon during actives dates.
  • Limit to a specific uses in total: Assign maximum number of Coupon.

5. Max Limit Uses per Customer: 2 options

  • Unlimited: Unlimited number of Coupon uses per customer.
  • Limit to a specific uses per customer: Assign maximum number of Coupon uses per customer.

6. Actives Dates: 

  • Setting start/end date of Coupon.


STEP 2.3: Check all informations of Coupon in “SUMMARY”


STEP 2.4: Check Coupon shown


STEP 2.5: After checking all information of Coupon, click “Create” to complete


STEP 3: Check status (On/Off) of Coupon


  • Each coupon must have different name to another. 
  • The Coupon Cost is charged to the Seller. The Coupon Value will be automatically deducted by system directly from product price. Turnover/ Cost/ Profits are calculated according to reduced price.
  • When Seller need to change Coupon status, choose “Coupons” -> click “On/Off”.