Seller coupon

Advantages of products or orders with coupon:

  • Increase the visibility of products.

  • Make the product become more attractive and motivate customers to make purchasing decisions

  • Sellers can measure the effectiveness of the 7-day overview of generated discount codes using metrics like Revenue, Coupon used, Cost, Return on investment, Buyers. (Please hover over the icon (i) to see what each metric means)

You can choose Detailed insights to access the Promotion insight  feature in the Growth Center. You can view a detailed report of the effectiveness of using the coupon code based on various criteria and stages here.

Step 1: Log into the  Seller Center, select Marketing center > Promotion tools, then select Coupons (1). The system will navigate you to the Coupons section, please select Create Coupon (2).



Step 2: Setting details of coupon

Step 2.1: Setting INFORMATION of coupons

1. Coupon Name: 

  • Seller set name of Coupon. This name is not shown to customers.  Note: Should set the name that is easy to manage.

2. Coupon Code: Code should be short, clear and easy to remember.

3. Publish Coupon: 2 status

  • Choose Publish: The discount code is publicly displayed in the product detail page, on the Tiki website and Tiki App. All customers will see and are able to apply this coupon code when making a purchase.

  • Choose Hide:  Coupon code is NOT displayed in the product detail page, on Tiki website and Tiki App. Customers can still apply the coupon code when making a purchase (if the customer enters the correct code).

Step 2.2: Setting CONDITIONS of Coupon

1. Applicable product: 2 options

  • Store level: Setting coupon for all products in store.

  • Specific products: Setting coupons for selected products. Sellers can choose products, or download a list of applicable products by: Select product > Click Select product to add specific products > Click Save.

2. Smart coupon: Based on the data history of sellers and those who have successfully applied the coupon code, Tiki recommends this configuration to optimize coupon usage effectiveness. There are two choices:

  • Show suggestion: Display the system’s recommended discount.

  • Hide suggestion: Do not display the system’s recommended discount.

3. Discount type: 2 options.

  • Fixed Amount: Discount by amount.  Note: Minimum value: 5,000 VND; Maximum value: 30,000,000 VND.

  • Percentage: Discount by percentage of product price. Note: Minimum value: 2% ; Maximum value: 99%

4. Minimum requirement: 2 options

  • None: Applies to all order values.

  • Minimum order value: Assign minimum order value to apply coupon.

5. Customer segment: 2 options

  • Apply to all customers.

  • Apply to TikiNOW subscribers.

6. Total number of Coupon: 2 options

  • Unlimited: There is no limit to the number of discount codes used throughout the store during the validity period.

  • Limit to a specific use in total: Please enter the maximum number of uses of the discount code throughout the store.

Note: Limit the number of uses per customer is unlimited.

7. Applicable time

  • Setting the start/end date of the coupon (time, day, month, year).

Step 2.3: Check all informations of Coupon in “TERMS & CONDITIONS

Step 2.4: Preview the coupon

Step 2.5: Once you’ve double-checked all of the discount code’s details, click Create new to finish.

  • If you discover a problem, escape this page and return to the coupon code editing page.

  • Select Create  if you are okay with the Coupon conditions and you want to display the coupon code to all customers on the Tiki website and App.

Step 3: Check status (On-going/Upcoming) of coupons. Please note that the new successfully created coupon will be shown at the Coupon list.

You can edit when the program is in Upcoming or On-going status, specifically:



Actions that you can perform


Coupon code has been generated and is waiting to launch

  • Change all information and conditions (except for Coupon code and Start date).
  • Cancel/Copy the program.


Coupon code is running

  • Increase the number of discount codes.
  • Change the end date: Sooner or later than the previously set time.
  • Cancel/Copy the program.

Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to Seller Center, go to Marketing Center > Promotion tools > Coupons > Click on the name of the coupon.

Step 2: On the Coupon detail window, please update the information and click Edit.

In case you want to cancel a discount code (Ongoing or Upcoming), please scroll up and see step 1 again, find the coupon code you want to cancel, in the corresponding Action column, select Complete, then confirm again to end the program.


  • Each coupon must have a different name to another. 
  • The Coupon Cost is charged to the seller. The Coupon Value will be automatically deducted by system directly from product price. Turnover/Cost/ Profits are calculated according to reduced price.

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