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12.12.22 Year end clearance sale

5.1.23 Happy Tiki’s 13th birthday


Holiday preparation guide

Cùng Tiki chào đón “siêu bão” sale 12.12! Bật mí bí kíp dành cho Nhà Bán, sẵn sàng cho một mùa sale “đầy máu lửa”. Tham khảo ngay trong nội dung sau nhé! 

Join Tiki’s 12.12 super sale and Tet campaign now! Here are the tips for sellers to get ready for this upcoming holiday. Check it out right away in the following content!

Campaign introduction

12.12.22 - Year end clearance sale: Super sale campaign with many attractive discounts up to 90%
5.1.23 - Happy Tiki's 13th birthday: Promotion campaign to celebrate Tiki's 13th birthday with many super offers and exclusive gifts for Tiki sellers and customers

The focus of the campaign with 2 main offers are located on the first section on the main page of the campaign:


Astra coupon



Free shipping 

Campaign registration

12.12 Warm up


12.12 D-Day


Happy Tiki's 13th birthday

22.12.22 - 5.1.23 (Coming soon)

Potential products to set as deals

The lower the price and the higher inventory that a product has (compared to the system suggested number), the better chances it will gain on view frequency. The hottest products will be selected by Tiki to display on the top position on the landing page or Flash Sale section.

Please keep in mind that each product can only participate in one program. Before registering, sellers should review the price conditions in promotional schemes.

3 stars plus in rating

Lower price than suggested by the system

Higher inventory than suggested by the system

5 super sale sessions at: 0:00, 9:00, 12:00, 16:00, 21:00 o’clock. You can register for different schemes including:

Purple 3D Futuristic Technology Talk Show Flyer

Bring surprises to your customers with our Free gifts tool!

Free gifts is a tool that allows sellers to offer free gifts for customers with each purchase, helping to increase the conversion rate for the main product, thereby boosting sales revenue.

Click here to learn more!

Tools for maximizing sales

Tiki Ads

1. Select correct products
2. Follow up with the campaign regularly and make changes timely
3. Keyword series which suit customer searching and purchasing behavior
4. Well - prepared budget for BIG SALE day


Is a co-operated program between Tiki and Sellers to support unlimited shipping costs for customers. Learn more!

Store decoration

1. Download the banner set here. 2. Log into Seller Center, select Store Design > Store decoration > Add Banner widget from Widget Library 3. Select Upload new image to upload your banner then select Save & Apply to complete setting.

Promotion tools

Coupons allow sellers to actively create discounts on orders or support reducing shipping costs for customers.

Free gifts is a feature that allows sellers to install extra gifts to the main product.

Bundle deal is a form of promotion when customers choose to buy a product, then the system will suggest a list of products to buy with a more favorable price.

Combo discount is a promotion tool that enables sellers to provide discounts to customers who purchase products in combo.

Price discount is one of the ways to attract customers and increase conversion rate.

Follower discount is a tool to encourage customers to follow the store to receive discount codes from the seller.




Free gifts


Bundle deal


Combo discount


Price discount


Follower discount

Notes for efficient operation

Confirm orders

Sellers should confirm the order within 4 working hours. Tiki suggests checking orders at 10am, 1pm and 4pm (GMT+7). Note: Working hours are from 8am to 5pm every Monday to Friday (Excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

Check inventory

Please check and make sure the number of stocks on Seller Center matches the actual quantity that can be sold. Sellers should deliver the orders to the 3PLs warehouse early to ensure the delivery time to customers according to Tiki’s regulation. Learn more

Temporarily turn off the product/store

In case of suddenly increasing orders, Seller should take the initiative to temporarily turn off the product/store according to the instructions here to avoid incurring penalty fees.

Follow the policies

Please read carefully the Operation Model Policy of Cross Border Sellers here to ensure the best operating efficiency and experience of customers.

Regularly check the Growth center

to closely check the store business performance and improve the indicators to achieve the title of Trusted store.

Learn more:

– Growth center: here

– Trusted store: here

To receive the fastest support, please contact our Partner Support Center via email: partnersupport@tiki.vn/hotrodoitac@tiki.vn

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