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Official Stores on the ecommerce trading platform Tiki are those operated by the Trademark Owners/Manufacturers with registered intellectual property (or Authorized Distributors to distribute trademarks). Official stores supply official products of brands (not including OEM products) and fully meet the requirements of legal documents.

For example:

Official stores/brands (products): Shiseido VN Official Store, GUMAC Official Store, LIF KUN – Official store, etc.

Sellers are eligible to operate as an Official Store/Brand when:

    • The seller is the Brand Owner/Manufacturer registered to build a store on the Tiki ecommerce platform.


    • The seller is a Level 1 Distributor, authorized by the Brand Owner/Manufacturer to use the brand for distribution and build an Official Store in Vietnam.
  • Official stores only deal in a single brand that the seller owns or is authorized to distribute.

  • Official stores are not permitted to sell OEM products. If you sell these items, the “Official” label will be removed from the store. If you want to re-register the title of Official store, you must actively remove the OEM products that have been listed for sale.

Necessary documents to register to open an Official Store include:

1. Sellers who are Trademark Owners/Manufacturers register to open a store on Tiki

Sellers provide:

  • Business license

  • Certificate of Trademark Ownership has been granted a patent (sample) or Decision to accept the application (sample)

2. For Seller who is a Level 1 Distributor, authorized by the Brand Owner/Manufacturer to use the brand for product distribution and open an Official Store in Vietnam.

Sellers provide:

  • Power of attorney on using the trademark from the trademark which was granted with a patent,

  • Or Level 1 Distribution Contract; the agreement on distributing the products between the distributing partner and the manufacturer.

Brand classification:

For Trademarks in Top international brands, trademarks are protected in Vietnam:

  • The Seller is the Manufacturer / Trademark Owner who can provide: Certificate of brand protection for products produced by the enterprise itself and papers of conformity, legally, the quality and safety guarantee which are confirmed by the government and has clearly stated that the seller is the Manufacturer/Brand Owner.

  • The Seller is a Level 1 Distributor: was authorized to distribute the brand by the Brand Owner/Manufacturer and was assigned to open an Official Store in Viet Nam, the Distributor is required to provide a Letter of Authorization to open an Official Store in Vietnam Nam, including content that allows opening a store with the name [Brand] Official Store.

  • In the case when there is dispute over the naming of the Official store, Sellers work with the company to resolve the dispute and notify the final result to Tiki, Tiki will temporarily shut down the relevant store and be exempt from liability in such situations.

For small and medium brands:

  • The Seller is the Brand Owner/Manufacturer who has registered the intellectual property for the Brand and opened a store operating on the Tiki e-commerce platform.

  • The Seller has an agreement for the intellectual property registration for the Trademark. In the event that during the operation of the store, the Trademark is refused to grant a protection title at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam, Tiki has the right to temporarily shut down the store and notify the solution to the issue.

  • In case a dispute occurs during the use of the official store name [Brand], Tiki will temporarily shut down the relevant store and handle it based on the appraisal results from the competent state agency provided by the complainant.

Note: Tiki will only approve the Power of Attorney that clearly stated that the Seller is authorized by the Brand owner to use the Brand Name/brand.

In cases where the Seller can only provide the Contract/authorization to distribute/sell products, the seller is not eligible to open an Official Store.

Please contact the Owner Company/Manufacturer to provide Brand Authorization to be approved by Tiki to open an Official Store.

For example:

The process to register to become an Official Store/Official Store is as follows:

1. For new sellers

Please see detailed steps to register a store on Tiki according to the instructions here.

To open an Official store, the Seller selects the item “Official Brand/Store“.

Seller provides Trademark Certificate or the Letter of authorization for the Trademark from the Trademark/Brand owner.

Select “Submit” to complete the registration process and the store will be transferred to await approval.

2. For sellers who already have a Tiki store and wish to upgrade to Official Store 

Please go to the Seller CenterProfile > Official brand > Select Upgrade account.

  • For Sellers who are Household/Private businesses: You will need to upload your Brand Registration or Brand Authorization documents. If you wish to modify the store name, please fill in the New Store Name section and then select Submit.

Tiki will review and respond to your request for account upgrading  within two working days after you press Submit. Please check your email often during this period of time to receive updates from Tiki.

For other cases, please contact our Partner Support Center via email or for support.

1. If the brand owner decides to accept the application, can the owner open an Official store on Tiki?

Yes, in case the trademark owner has a certificate of application acceptance or information from the National Office of Intellectual Property that decided to accept the application, then the owner may register to open an Official store on Tiki.

2. In the case that the seller has an authorization letter to distribute the brand name and  has decided to accept the application to become an Official store on Tiki, is it eligible?

No, because the letter is only valid when the trademark owner has been granted a patent by the intellectual property department.

3. Will it be approved to register for  the title of Official store if the seller provides the Trademark Registration Declaration?

No, the seller must at least have a written decision to accept the application or search information on the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam that has decided to accept the application.

4. What information is required on the Brand Authorization letter?

Please click on the link to download a sample Brand Authorization letter.

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