Rights and obligations of the seller and Tiki

When operating on Tiki Marketplace, sellers have the responsibility to:

  • Seller agrees and commits to be responsible for reading, updating, complying and implementing all regulations, procedures, policies and notices issued by Tiki from time to time. 

  • Comply with Vietnam laws

  • Purchase and sale of goods and services on E-Commerce platform Tiki.vn must comply with Vietnam’s laws. 

  • Ensure that goods, service on E-commerce Platform Tiki.vn are approved by Vietnam authorities, have quality standards, certain origin according to Vietnam law and are legally allowed to circulate in the Vietnam market.

  • Be responsible for all goods and services contents, images, information including but not limited to description, price, promotion programs, after-sale policies. 

  • Keep all information and documents provided by Tiki as well as customer personal information during transactions confidential.

  • Manage and keep seller’s account information provided by Tiki during involvement on Tiki.vn E-commerce Platform confidential.

  • Provide related documents during joining e-commerce activities period

  • Commit to submit related documents during operation according to Tiki or competent authorities request within 24 hours since receiving the request.

  • Commit not to change, modify, copy, disseminate, distribute, provide and create similar tools which are used on Tiki.vn for any commercial purpose or for the benefit of any third parties without Tiki approval.

  • Seller is solely responsible for their advertising activities.

  • Seller commits not to sell prohibited commodity, ineligible for circulation goods, prohibited imports and distribution commodity, restricted goods, counterfeit products, violated intellectual property products.

  • Seller commits to hold Tiki harmless from any responsibility, including but not limited to liability, fines, fees, expenses, costs, damages incurred by any complaint, lawsuit or competent authorities’ decisions related to products. Seller commits to compensate and hold Tiki harmless from any losses, expenses, and/or costs arising out of any of seller’s violation action.

  • Seller is solely responsible for the security of payment account information.

Furthermore, the seller must not engage in any fraudulent transactions that negatively affect Tiki’s or customers’ rights, including the following acts:

  • Abuse promotions (discount codes/Tiki Coins/Shipping fees,…) and/or support provided by Tiki for the purpose of profiting from Tiki or Tiki’s customers

  • Perform acts including: placing orders, self-reviewing and rating comments for your store,…

  • Self-creating discount codes/promotions/products for fraud purposes.

  • Create multiple accounts to enjoy multiple benefits from Tiki programs.

  • Intentionally provides information of the store by utilizing Tiki Chat in order to encourage customers to make purchases outside Tiki Marketplace

  • Other cases related to promotions aimed at profiting from Tiki or Tiki’s customers.

In case you violate one of the above acts, Tiki will handle as follows:

  • Stop business cooperation permanently.

  • Withdraw the abused promotional value (if any).

  • Cancel relevant fraudulent orders/reviews/abused promotional value

  • Blockade of statements for 90 days.

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Guidelines on setting Price discount 

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Guidelines on participating in Category deal

  • To ensure e-commerce activities on the e-commerce platform Tiki.vn comply with Vietnam laws.

  • To apply necessary measures to ensure information safety relating to seller’s business information and customers’s personal information.

  • To support sellers upon dealing with all claims arising during purchase and sale.

  • Directly deduct from the seller’s statement the promotion expenses that seller has requested Tiki’s support via Seller Center.

  • Have the right to evaluate products and services quality and/or allow customers to evaluate products and services quality as well as publish it on e-commerce platform Tiki.vn.

  • Not commit to provide exclusive services to any individuals or organizations.

  • To reserve all ownership and usage rights of any content created or formed on Tiki.vn e-commerce platform. 

  • Regarding images and designs, etc. provided by the seller, the seller agrees and commits that Tiki has rights to use without violating any intellectual property rights and/or third party’s rights, including listing in a buy box for many Sellers on Tiki.vn E-commerce Platform.

  • Tiki shall suspend or terminate service contract with the seller without taking any responsibility, including compensation when the Seller has one or more violated actions or is likely to violate or have signs of violation based on Tiki’s Commercial Policy, without having to prove or provide any proof. 

  • In case that Tiki receives a notice or has reasonable grounds to determine that a transaction was made by mistake or system problems or having signs of fraud and violating law, Tiki has the right to:

    • To temporarily hold the balance in seller’s payment account within 30 days (or possibly longer) or/and;

    • To temporarily suspend Seller’s Payment Account, deduct & withdraw from the Seller’s Payment Account the amount incurred or/and;

    • Report to competent authorities as requested.

  • In case of policy change, Tiki will notify at least 03 days in advance to the effective date of the change.

  • In case of disagreement with the change, please notify Tiki before the effective date of that change.

  • Notifications on Seller Center are official notices from Tiki, sellers are responsible for reading and regularly updating the information announced via Seller Center.

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