Intro to Tiki

Tiki is a top retail e-commerce platform in Vietnam, offering not only official products but also a fantastic and speedy shopping experience to all customers.

Founded in March 2010, the company began with an online book selling website. Tiki is currently regarded as a significant e-commerce site with professional service quality, just over a year later. Tiki e-commerce platform soon gained support from a huge number of people around the country, with a significant number of customers and in a variety of industries.

Tiki had transitioned into a Marketplace model by April 2017, offering over 10 million products from 16 major categories, serving millions of customers nationally, and launching TikiNOW 2H Fast Delivery. This is a great opportunity for sellers to broaden their sales channels and enhance their income while operating on Tiki Marketplace. 

Tiki has been accompanying customers for over a decade and is currently the #1 e-commerce site in terms of customer happiness.

The most trusted e-commerce platform in Vietnam

With 95% of customers satisfied with their shopping experience on Tiki, therefore, the number of loyal customers willing to buy on Tiki is also very high.

The most competitive business costs in the market

Lowest payment fee in the market and very competitive discount fee

Massive amount of traffic

On average, the Tiki ecommerce platform has about 100 million visits every month. This is an extremely large number, helping sellers quickly approach potential customers.

Low return rate

When compared to other e-commerce sites, Tiki’s return rate is incredibly low, at slightly under 0.6%. This will relieve sellers of the need to return orders. 

Business type:

  • Global sellers

  • Official Brand/Store

 Business area:

  • Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Other provinces and cities in Vietnam (limited operating models apply)

  • Any business operating in China, Taiwan, Singapore, or other countries has the ability to process cross-border orders.

You can start your online business journey now by signing a contract with Tiki. Please read the relevant document: here.

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