Content listing requirements

Following Tiki standards, particularly those related to images and content, is critical for sellers operating on Tiki Marketplace. Sellers should keep these criteria in mind to ensure a smooth operation and prevent rejection while listing products.

General rules:

  • Product name has to be short and is within 3 – 255 characters.
  • Product name has to match with image and information

  • Product name should include the information: Keywords, brand, model, product parameters. 

  • Product name cannot overlap with keywords. 

Note: Product names (branded) for the following categories must have Original or Imported Goods information at the end:

  • Phone – Tablet

  • Electronic 

  • Accessories – Digital Equipment

  • Laptop – IT Equipment

  • Camera

  • Electric Appliances

Suggested product name structure

In which:

  • Product Type: include keywords related to the product.

  • Brand: must match with the brand printed on the product.

  • Product Model: product classification.

  • Highlight feature: size, design, capacity, bonus accessories, etc.

This regulation applies in case sellers edit the name of active products Tiki Marketplace.

  • You must not add or remove the information of “Hàng chính hãng (Tất cả ngành hàng)/ Hàng nhập khẩu” (Genuine goods (All categories) / Imported goods) (products in these categories: Laptop – Computer – Components/Camera – Camcorders/Digital Devices – Digital Accessories/Household Electrical/Electronics – Refrigeration/Phones – Tablets) from the product name.

  • You must not add or remove the information of “GIFT/Quà tặng/Quà tặng không bán/Quà tặng đi kèm” (GIFT/Gift/Not for sale gift/Gift included) from the product name.

  • You must not add information related to the one brand but different from the current brand field to the product name.

  • You must not change the original properties of the product (Changes in color, capacity, volume, gift, quantity, model, product ID,…)




Reason for rejection

  • The edited product name keeps the same nature as the original listed product.
  • Only update and add details to make the product more clear

The edited product name is different from the attributes of the previously listed product.


  • Before edit : Bộ áo vest thời trang mùa đông dành cho búp bê 18 inch (Fashion Winter Vest Blouses Set Outfit for 18 Inch Doll Clothe) 
  • After edit : Đầm thời trang mùa đông dành cho búp bê 18 inch (Fashion Winter Dress Set Outfit for 18 Inch Doll Clothe)

Product information is not consistent. Seller needs to edit/add information on the name/image/description of the product.

1. General rules

  • Content does not contain sensitive information about religion, culture, politics, etc.

  • Content does not contain Seller information or URL link to the other websites than Tiki

  • Content does not contain information about price, shipping, promotion, gift, guarantee, etc.

  • Sellers cannot sell old goods, secondhand, etc.

  • Content requires shipping location for the following categories

    • Refrigerator – Freezer

    • Washing machine, dryer, air conditioner

For example: Sharp Inverter 556L SJ-FX631V-SL Refrigerator – (only delivery in Ho Chi Minh)

2. Brand rules

  • Sellers have to choose the right brand which is registered at the National Office of Intellectual Property (here)

  • If products don’t have brand name or the brand have not been registered, please categorize the products as OEM

  • Sellers can use self-produced/ designed/ printed brand name that have not been registered, but in this case, other sellers can still sell the same product

  • Do not support listing non-branded products (OEM) in the “Artist Collection” category.

3. Category rules

The category must match the product category and be at the bottom level of the category group chosen

For example: Sneaker unisex Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Iridescent Star – 566176

Category: Thời Trang (914) → Giày dép nữ (1703) → Giày sneakers (4674) (Main category)

4. Price rules

  • Listed prices (market prices) must be accurate.

  • The selling price must not be greater than the listed price.

  • Tiki does not support listing products with a listed price greater than 100 million VND.

5. Rules relate to products with multiple options

  • Creating a product with multiple options if it has many sizes, colors, etc.

  • Products with multiple options does not apply to quantity selections

  • Product will be locked if it is denied more than 2 times (content or image violation)

  • Only 3 combos per product

  • If Products have existed on Tiki, Seller must list by using existing products.

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