List of Legal documents required for Global sellers and goods

When listing products for sale, seller is responsible for ensuring that all of your products comply with Tiki’s regulations and policies for sale.

The well preparation of legal documents required has a significant impact on the process of listing products on Tiki Marketplace. Please see this document in order to get a better understanding on what legal documents you need to prepare.

Sellers shall be facilitated based on the reliability rate. Accordingly, Sellers must provide the following documents:

  • Legal business registration certificate in the country where the Seller operates

  • For foreign e-commerce platform, it must provide the documents proving that its sellers agree to sell their products on Tiki and comply with Tiki’s regulations and policies.

Note: In case Sellers sell goods and services belong to the list of conditional business of the Vietnamese law, they must provide the eligible business certificate for such goods, services.

Documents of assessment criteria for safety and quality:

  • Certificate of free sale

  • Certificate/announcement of quality standards of products in the exporting country for sensitive food categories such as: Food, Beverage, Cosmetics, products for infants under 3 years old, Nutrition products and Other products as notified by Tiki to Seller from time to time, if any.

Essential legal documents for transportations and Customs Clearance:

  • Commercial invoice

  • Certificate of quality/origin or other documents of the product that required depending on the law of custom authorities in the exporting/importing countries based on product types at the time of customs clearance.

Documents of assessment criteria for authentic products:

  • Seller is Manufacturer / Trademark owner, provide:

    • Certification of trademark, industrial designs; invention patent; 

  • Seller is Distributor, provide:

    • Letter of authorization for trademark, industrial designs and inventions; license contract on trademarks, industrial designs, inventions and well-known trademarks; contracts on sale and purchase which represent direct or indirect relationship between well known trademark and goods bearing trademarks;

    • Providing commercial invoice of import activities

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