Reasons for the rejection of product listing

These are common reasons for the rejection of product listing, in which the failure to meet standards for images comprised the highest position, followed by illegal license and at the third place is because there is address/phone number/website included in the images uploaded.

  • The images used do not meet the standards: 40%

  • License is not illegal: 36%

  • Images have address/phone number/website, etc: 9%

  • Wrong configuration: 8%

  • Product have sold on Tiki already:5%

  • Wrong category: 2%

  • Wrong brand: 2%

  • Highlight features are not standard: 2%

  • Others: 6%

Please see the illustrations below to avoid making mistakes in the product listing process, therefore be able to operate more efficiently.

1. Failure in meeting standards of product name

  • Product name must match with images and information of the product

  • Product name should contain information such as: keywords, brand, model, parameter of product. Maximize up to 255 characters

  • Product name cannot overlap with keywords

  • Product names (brands) for the following categories must have or Imported Goods information at the end:

    • Phone – Tablet

    • Electronic 

    • Accessories – Digital Equipment

    • Laptop – IT Equipment

    • Camera

    • Electric Appliances

2. Failure in meeting standards of product images

Images do not contain seller information (Phone number, address, website, etc)

  • Allowed to have text in avatar (Product parameters, text/ logo brand, etc)

  • Product has to cover 80% of the frame.

  • Do not use sensitive images

  • Do not use images with brand logo printed on product that does not match its brand

  • Images must be clear

  • Category: Fashion – Accessories: minimum size 500 x 700 (ratio 5:7)

  • Other categories: minimum size 500 x 500 (ratio 1:1)

3. Failure in meeting standards of product highlight features

  • Tiki system will automatically add the bullet at the beginning of the sentence, Sellers don’t need to add any symbol.

  • Highlight features should be listed in rows

4. Failure in meeting standards of license

Please contact via email to receive the license guidelines.

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