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One of the most significant components is the store name, which not only helps to reach potential customers but also increases the brand’s reputation. Customers will be able to recognize and make purchasing selections more simply if the store name is clear and easy to remember. If the your store name is no longer appropriate for the current business situation, Tiki will allow you to change it.

Note: When you change the name of your store, the link of the store (Store URL) also changes accordingly.

1. Cases and documents needed when request to change the store name

Seller please provide documents corresponding to the reasons for changing the stall name as follows:

Cases when Tiki allow you to change the store name

Documents required

Change of business line

The business registration certificate contains information about new business lines that need to be changed.

Change of legal entity company/owner

New business registration certificate with information on changing legal entity/company name.

The Official title of the seller was removed because the authorization period has expired.

The authorization document has expired.

The seller, who is the owner or authorized distributor of the product brand, wishes to modify the name of the store to match the brand name.

  • If the seller is the owner: Provide Trademark Certificate/Decision to accept application.

  • If the seller is a distributor: Provide the Authorization to use the brand/exclusively distribute the brand.

Store name is misspelled

No documents required.

The store name is not valid according to Tiki’s regulations and the seller wishes to change it.

For assistance in renaming the store, the seller should contact the Partner Support Department via email:

In addition, you can refer to the Store naming rules here.

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