Protect your account    

Sellers can proactively secure account information and personal data protection by following the introductions below.

1. SHOULD create a strong password, regularly change your account login password every 3 months.

2. DO NOT provide account information, passwords, OTPs to anyone in any way, including those claiming to be Tiki employees, police,…

3. DO NOT click on fake links, Emails, SMS containing fake links.

4. Only perform transactions on a secure network platform and on the official Tiki Seller Center.

5. Immediately contact Tiki’s Partner Support Department via email: to assist in locking your account in necessary cases.


If you believe your Tiki Seller Center account has been compromised, follow the steps below:

1. Perform a temporary turn off your store according to the guideline here.

2. Change the account’s password by: Go to Seller Center, select your Account > Change password > Enter new password and click Save.

Immediately contact our Partner Support Department via email: for support.

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