Prohibited acts of unfair competition to avoid  

When doing business on the Tiki e-commerce platform, sellers need to avoid performing inappropriate acts affecting customers and other sellers. In order to maintain transparency and fairness in business, Sellers refer to this article to perform fair competition and avoid unnecessary violations.

Unfair competition activities include:

  • Intentionally placing and canceling another seller’s order.

  • Intentionally requesting to return goods, cancel orders, leave negative reviews on other seller’s products that are not realistic.

  • Other acts concluded by Tiki as having the purpose of unfair competition.

By committing in unfair competition activities, sellers may gain an unfair advantage over other trusted sellers and will:

  • Affecting the store reliability and causing loss of bias of customers about the product in general and Tiki in particular.

  • Affecting other seller’s operating index and business performance

  • Decreasing the reputation of the store

In case the Seller violates the above-mentioned unfair competition practices and affects customers and other sellers, Tiki will carry out sanctions according to regulations.

Depending on the severity of the violation, Tiki will permanently close the seller’s store based on section 4.4 – Table of violations and methods of handling violations for sellers on E-commerce platform (Please use Google translate to support you).

To avoid engaging in unfair competition practices, sellers should:

  • Build a trustworthy business and follow Tiki’s policies.

  • In case the seller finds out that any other seller has committed inappropriate acts,please contact Tiki via the email of our Partner Support Department: partnersupport@tikivn/ to report. 

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