Adjust store status and customize working days

Sellers can activate the store status proactively and manually set the business hours of the week in accordance with the actual working schedule.

When you want to suspend the operation of the entire store for a short period of time (due to lack of stock, on vacation or unable to track and confirm orders, etc.), you can change the store status to Off mode and then turn On again when ready to operate the store again. Please follow these steps:

Step 1: At Seller Center, select Seller info > Chi tiết (Details)

Step 2: Slide the status button to shutdown your store.

Step 3: Choose a reason for shutting down the store (Holiday activity suspension, Out of business, No stock left, Deactivated, Other,…). Then, select Confirm.


  • Once done, the system proceeds to turn off all products (this process can take up to 4 hours for sellers with many SKUs). If any order arises within this period, please process it within the specified time.
  • Orders received prior to the store closure must still be processed within the time limit specified by Tiki.


Seller can manually set up and track the setting history of business hours of the week and holidays to match the actual working schedule by following these steps:

1. Business hours

Step 1: At Seller Center, select Seller info > Store settings > Business hours.

Step 2: Choose 1 between 2 options:

  • All days in week (From Monday – Sunday)
  • Specific date (minimum 5 working days)

2. Holiday calendar

You can choose to operate the store or not during certain holidays or compensation holidays (except for official holidays prescribed by the Vietnam authorities).

The list of public holidays will be automatically updated by Tiki in the Holiday calendar section. At the Action column, you can slide the Open/Close button to adjust the store’s status corresponding to each holiday > Click OK to confirm.

Then click Save to complete. 


  • In case you do not set up the business hours, the system defaults to working days from Monday to Friday excluding Saturday and Sunday. Order processing time will be calculated according to the working days set by the seller (except Sunday). If you process the order later than this time, the operating metrics of your store will be affected according to Tiki’s regulations. Please refer to the operating metrics regulations here.

  • If the Order fulfillment time/Cancellation time falls on your private holiday, it will be extended to the following working day.

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