Store status

When you wish to temporarily stop the operation of the entire store (due to being out of stock, on vacation, or unable to track and confirm the order,…), you can change the status of the store to off mode and turn it on again when you’re back on business. This document will guide you on how to temporarily turn on/off your store.

Step 1: At Seller Center, select Seller info > Chi tiết (Details)

Step 2: Slide the status button to shutdown your store.

Step 3: Choose a reason for shutting down the store (Holiday activity suspension, Out of business, No stock left, Deactivated, Other,…). Then, select Confirm.


  • Once done, the system is going to turn off products. Please continue to process orders incurred in the meantime (maximum 4 hours).
  • Orders received prior to the store closure must still be processed within the time limit specified by Tiki.

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