Store naming rules

1. Benefits of a good store name

During the process of starting a business, you will undoubtedly have various things to put in mind and naming your store is one of them. The first thing that most consumers see is your store name, therefore, you would want that initial impression to be both positive and memorable. Remarkable benefits that you will gain from having a good store name can be listed as follows:

  • Reducing the amount of time required to activate the store.

  • Bringing in more visitors and ultimately increasing your sales

  • Helping your store stand out from other competitors

2. Store naming rules

The name of your store must be transliterated into Vietnamese or expressed in Latin characters.

Please see the table below to keep in mind some keywords that you should avoid when naming your store. 


Invalid keywords



Official, official store,… or its equivalents in Vietnamese (Chính hãng, chính hiệu,…)

Only valid if the seller can provide a brand authorization/certificate (Learn more here)


Sale, shocking deal, best price,… or its equivalents in Vietnamese (Sỉ, lẻ, rẻ, giá tốt, giá rẻ, giá sỉ, giá sốc, giá gốc, giảm giá,…)

Cause confusion on prices


Import, export, guarantee, luxury, prestige,… or its equivalents in Vietnamese (Nhập khẩu, xuất khẩu, đảm bảo, chất lượng, cao cấp, uy tín,…)

Relate to the origin or quality of the product


Domestic, region (North, Central, South), country (Vietnam, Korea,…) or its equivalents in Vietnamese (Nội địa, địa phương, vùng miền, quốc gia,…)

Only valid if the seller can provide documentation verifying the origin of the relevant goods and services


Best/the best, only, strongest, fastest, number 1, top 1, exclusive or its equivalents in Vietnamese (Nhất, duy nhất, mạnh nhất, nhanh nhất, số một, độc quyền,…)

Cause confusion on business ability since according to the regulations of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, there are no related legal documents to verify these words 


Trading, Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, Amazon,…

Contain the name of the Tiki ecommerce platform or other ecommerce platforms


Prevent, 100% cure rate, permanent cure, buy 1 get 1, durable,… or its equivalents in Vietnamese (Ngăn ngừa, trị dứt điểm, mua liền, mua 1 tặng 1, siêu bền,…)

Contain exaggerated and misleading information on business products


www., .com, .vn, .net,…

Contain external website or other ecommerce platforms links


Company, Corp, firm, household, JSC, Co., Ltd.,… or its equivalents in Vietnamese (Công ty, hộ kinh doanh, hợp tác xã, HKD, JSC, Co., Ltd.,…)

Contain abbreviation of business name


Address, phone number, email,…

Contain personal information


Congress, National Assembly, Red Cross, Red Cross Society, committee,…

Contain the name of agencies or states


Genital, sextoy,… or its equivalents in Vietnamese (Vùng kín, sextoy, bộ phận sinh dục,…)

Contain offensive words or words that are not suitable with Vietnamese culture

For more information related to Store naming rules, please see Tiki’s Operation Policy (section 2.2 – Store name/information) here.

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