Guidelines on editing store name

Creating a standard logo and banner demonstrates your professionalism, distinguishes your store from the competition, and raises the trustworthy level in customers’ eyes.

  • Do not use Logo or Banner containing domain names, images, addresses, hotlines, links of businesses or other ecommerce websites.

  • Do not use Logos or Banners containing seller’s personal information

  • Comply with the specified size: Store Logo 320 x 320 | JPEG, JPG | Up to 2MB; Store cover image 1440 x 864 | JPEG, JPG | Up to 2MB.

  • Do not use the Logo or Banner owned by another seller and/or do not have the ability to prove that the Logo or Banner is owned by you.

  • Do not copy the idea of any trademark or registered trademark.

  • Do not use Logo or Banner related to sensitive issues such as politics, religion, culture, race, violence, gender stereotypes, disability.

  • Do not use offensive or depraved words or images contrary to Vietnamese traditional customs.

  • Do not use the Logo or Banner to criticize, defame, slander, distort, insult the dignity of any individual or organization.

  • Do not use Logo or Banner to encourage advertising for the use of harmful products such as alcohol, beer, tobacco.

  • Do not use Logos or Banners containing incorrect or misleading content.

Example of violation: Background image and store cover containing phone number information

If the store shows signs of violation, based on Section 1.1 of the Table of violations and methods of handling violations for sellers on E-commerce platform (Please use translation tools to support you). Tiki will apply sanctions according to each level:

  • First time violation: Block the store until the adjustment is valid.

  • Recidivism: Permanently stop business cooperation with the seller.

To receive assistance in unlocking the store, please navigate to Seller Center > Store Design > Store decoration and update information. Then click Publish to finish. Following the adjustment, you should respond to the email notice of violation handling or send an email to for Tiki to check and unlock if eligible.

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