Regulations on price increase before campaigns

Product pricing is one of the most important decisions to make when starting a business on Tiki since it has a direct impact on the seller’s income and profit. When pricing products, sellers should refer to the guidelines below to understand clearly the pricing procedure and avoid making mistakes.

Discount/Promotion Price is the price that the seller makes adjustments after applying discounts/promotions based on the history of price changes or product prices before and during the promotion.

  • No violation: When the original price increases but the Seller does not participate in any promotions.

  • Violation: When the Seller participates in a promotion and the previous original price is recording as an increase.

For example: The original price of the product before participating in the promotion is VND 44,000. After that, the seller increased the original price from VND 44,000 to VND 120,000 and set a promotional price of VND 37.000.

  • If the old price is kept at 44.000 VND, the discount % is 16% → No violation.
  • If the price is changed to VND 120.000, the discount % is 69% → Violation (even though the promotional price is lower than VND 37.000) of the original price (44.000 VND).

1. Methods of handling violations:

2. For a product that commited a price violation and is permanently locked before, if the seller adjusts to the correct price, depending on the severity of the violation, the product can be reopened or not.

3. If the seller raises the pre-promotion sale price unreasonably when participating in any promotion, this act will be counted as price spam (Tiki’s promotion and/or self-created seller’s discount).

You need to set the appropriate product price to avoid directly affecting the seller’s revenue and profit, as well as note the following information to do business on Tiki without violation:

1. Seller avoids unreasonable price increase before participating in Tiki’s promotion and/or self-created seller’s discount. In case the seller wants to change the product price before participating in the Tiki Tiki’s promotion and/or self-created seller’s discount, you may:

  • Adjust the discount price

  • Adjust the selling price of the product if there are sufficient relevant documents from the Brand/Distributor/Supplier to prove that the adjusted product price is valid.

  • Do not create additional promotions for the product.

  • Adjust the selling price at least 7 days before participating in any promotions/discounts.

2. The Seller can only set a maximum discount of 50% of the selling price.

According to the provisions of Decree 81/2018/ND-CP, the maximum discount for promoted goods and services must not exceed 50% of the price of such goods or services right before the promotion period. In case you want to set up a discount of more than 50% compared to the selling price, you can register for the product to participate in Flash Sale/Category Deal by: Logging in to the Seller Center > Marketing Center > Promotion Tools .

3. During the review period, if Tiki found that the seller is selling the product at an inappropriate and unusually high price, but the seller has proof that the price is reasonable, please send the following information to our Partner Support Department via email: for support.

  • List of products to be priced/increasing: SKU code, MSKU code, PSKU code (if it is a configuration product), current selling price, selling price to be adjusted.

  • Documents proving the selling price/real value of the product.

4. In the event that the you believe that the price which was considered as violation by Tiki is a correct price, please provide the following information:

  • Clear photo/scan of product price increase/decrease announcement from Brand/Distributor/Supplier.

  • A clear photo/scan of the quotation from the Brand/Distributor/Supplier containing the product information that needs to be adjusted to the original price.

  • VAT invoice/Invoice of goods imported with verification of Brand/Distributor/Supplier.

If the above documents cannot be provided,please attach the official website link with the price equal to the product price that the seller has adjusted.


  • Valid documents from Brand/Distributor/Supplier are valid within 03 months from the date of issue. The scanned copy must have a signature, red seal and border (if it includes many pages) on the document.

  • The documents related to the cost of goods sold, the seller has the right to cover/obscure the rice to ensure business security.

  • For notices from Distributors/Suppliers, please provide documents proving the relationship between you and Distributor/Supplier.

5. You need to provide valid documents when receiving a request to provide proof of the actual value of the product. If the document is invalid, the violation product will be locked.

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