Buy with shocking deal promotion

Buy With Shocking Deal display on product page

Buy With Shocking Deal is a promotion when a Customer purchases a major product and purchases the bundle products installed accordingly at the Seller store, those bundled products will be discounted at the rate that the Seller has installed.

To join in BUNDLE DEAL promotion, Seller’s products must satisfy all of these conditions:

1. Applicable products and deal products must be in the same warehouse.

2. Products are not TikiPRO.

3. Products are not in any other promotions.

4. Deal products can not be duplicate with applicable products

In this version of Buy With Shocking Deal, Sellers can preview deal’s display on the product page during deal settings in the right corner of the screen:

Step 1: Log into the Seller Center, choose Marketing center > Promotion tools > Bundle deals (1). The system will navigate to the Bundle deal list, please select Create New (2).



Step 2: Fill general informations for Bundle Deal

This is required section, Sellers fill in with the below details: 

1. Deal Name: Name should be easy to manage and search.

2. Active Dates: Sellers can set start/end date of Deal (start date must be greater than present).

Step 3: Select product list of Bundle Deal.

  • Sellers should re-check other Deals to avoid duplicate products. Products must respond to the conditions in section II.

Step 3.1: Select Applicable products: 


1. Filter feature: Sellers can search products by the following criteria: Product, Category, Delivery method.

2. Select products: Sellers add products to list by clicking on “+” or “Select all”.

3. Sellers can remove products in the selected list by clicking on “” or “Clear all”.

4. Sellers check again and click on “Save” to complete the list.

Step 3.2: Select Deal products 

1. Deal Limit: The maximum number of each type of Deal Products that Customers are allowed to buy with 

2. Discount Type: Sellers can choose :

  • By Percentage: Sellers should note the discount conditions of the system

  • By Fixed Amount:

Note: Sellers can select the product’s display status by click on Status button or remove products from the list by clicking on Remove

Step 4: Activate Bundle Deal 

  • After re-checking all information and the product list of Bundle Deal, Sellers click on Activate to apply the Deal.


After setting the Buy With Shocking Deal promotion, Sellers can manage the promotion throughout the process and end.

Step 1: Choose Promotion Insight in Growth Center section

Step 2: Click on Campaign to display all promotion 

Step 3: View and manage promotion. Details: 

  • Time-filter tool: Sellers can track promotions for a customized period of time 

  • Key Metrics: this section displays a chart with Revenue and Sold SKUs by the selected timeline 

  • Campaign List: displays information of all promotions that Seller joined in, such as Running date, total buyers, total orders, sold SKUs, revenue, sold units.

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