Buy 1 get 1 promotion

 Customer interface

To register for Buy 1 Get 1 promotion, the Seller’s products must be able to adapt to condition that the applicable products and deal products must be in the same warehouse.

Step 1: Log into the Seller Center, choose Marketing center > Promotion tools > Catalog gifts (1). The system will navigate to the Catalog Gift list, please select Create New (2).



Step 2: Sellers fill in all content of Buy 1 Get 1 Deal

Step 2.1: Fill in Gift’s Information : 

1. Name:

  • Sellers can name the Deal

Notes: Name should be easy to search and manage.

2. Description: 

  • Sellers can describe details of the promotion

3. Active Dates: 

  • Sellers can set start/end date of Deal (start date must be greater than present)

Step 2.2: Create product list of promotion

  • Sellers select Applicable products and Gift products, there are 2 options to add products to the promotion.

Option 1: Select single product by search filtering feature

  • After searching, Sellers click on “Select” to add product to the list

Option 2: Add products by sample file

  • Sellers click on “Download Sample File” to save file
  • Fill products in Sample File
  • Upload Sample File to add product list

Note: Products must respond to the conditions in “II. REGISTRATION CONDITIONS ”

Step 3: Adjust status promotion and Create Gift

1. Status: 

  • Sellers can adjust display status of promotion after creating by clicking on button On/Off at the left corner.

2. Create:

  • After checking all information, sellers click on “Create” to apply promotion

Note: Sellers can not change Applicable products and Gift products after creating promotion.

When you need to change promotion status, go back to the Catalog Gift list by choosing Marketing center > Promotion tools > Select Catalog gifts. At the Catalog Gift list, you can either search for the product that you want to change its status in the search section; or directly choose the product from the list and select On/Off at the Status column. You can also change the promotion information by clicking on the Name of the promotion.

Setting cases:

  • There are more than 1 applicable product and 1 gift product: in this case, when the Customer buys any product in the list of applicable products will be given 1 gift product.

  • There is either 1 applicable product and more than 1 gift product: in this case, when the Customer buys the applicable product in this list, they will receive all gift products below. In case one of the gift products is out of stock, the deal will be automatically turned off.

  • Applicable SKU and Gift SKU can overlap.

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